didaink is my pen name and a place where I can indulge my love for story and folly. I am a mother of two silly geese who feed the writing gods daily with their tomfoolery. My Brazilian husband and I temporarily moved our little family to the South of the United States and then to the East Coast in search of more in less. My heart will always remain in San Francisco, though, with Tony Bennett’s, a city that has given me and my family so much. I have a passion for and an interest in food and laughter with friends, more food, then more laughter and a second margarita (straight up, please), music that gives me goose bumps, stories ripened or old, travel to and from anywhere (but particularly places that have AC and oversized bath tubs), smiling long and wide, sleeping long and late, Tiramisu... throw pillows, pineapple, hot sauce, crunchy warm baguettes smothered with butter and blackberry jam... and, let's see... gorillas, komodo dragons, koalas, prickly tickles, tummies that bulge or jiggle, and sharing erroneous personal information.